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Wizz #8 Racing Frame

$30.90 USD

The Wizz #8 is our eighth generation lightweight FPV racing frame, designed for PRO racers. tested by Hong Kong Top pilot.  We use stronger T700 carbon fibre for ultimate performance.


    • Short arms: 188mm ultra-small wheelbase, can use 5.1" inch propellers.
    • Long arms: 192mm for racers need to use stack protector.
    • Japan Carbon Fiber first layer.
    • T700 Grade middle layer.
    • Smooth coating, looks "Smoother" & "Clean Surface" no carbon powder
    • Exclusive production stainless steel pressed nuts, smallest and thinnest compare with other steel pressed nuts.
    • Exclusive production 7075 Aluminum pressed nuts, lightest weight, only 0.08g.
    • M3 holes are slighty smaller than 3mm, no gaps between screws and carbon plate, benifit for reduce noise.
    • 20x20 mounting hole (Long ESC & FC)
    • 20mm wide battery straps (without interfering with the ESC)

    Package contents:

    • 1x Bottom Plate
    • 1x Middle Plate
    • 1x Top Plate
    • 2x Vertical Plate
    • 2x Horizontal Plate
    • 4x Arms
    • 6x Stainless Steel Pressed Nuts for securing arms
    • 4x 7075 Aluminum Pressed Nuts for securing stacks
    • 1x Wizz High-Vis Battery Strap 20mm x 25mm

    Hardware Pack *buy separately:

    • 4x Steel Flat Head Screw M3*14 (for securing standoffs & arms)
    • 2x Steel Flat Head Screw M3*10 (for securing arms)
    • 2x Titanium Button Head Screw M3*8 (for securing top plate)
    • 2x Titanium Button Head Screw M3*6 (for securing top plate)
    • 4x Wizz Logo 7075 Aluminium Standoff M3*23

    3D Print parts *DIY:

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