FuriousFPV Stealth Nano Race VTX

$27.95 USD

FuriousFPVAt Furious FPV, we're massively excited to debut our flagship model that's destined to push the boundaries of FPV VTx technology. Nano sized & micron light, the all new Stealth Nano Race VTx is a game changer, inside & out.
At half the size of competitive based VTx systems, the Stealth Nano Race VTx will blow your mind when it comes to how much we have packed into this stamp sized beast. Able to fit in just about any racing quad on the market, the Stealth VTx boasts full size features in the smallest platform we have ever designed.
Incorporating a built in LC filter for ultra clean video, thermal protection, and the ability to be powered up to 6S 25.2V input power, the Stealth Race VTx brings plenty to the table with a zero compromise layout. Combine this with an adjustable VTx power output of 0.1mW / 25mW / 50mW / 100mW output, this VTx is an all in one FPV game changer that you can't live without.


-  Supports IRC Tramp Functionality
-  Built-In LC Filter for Ultra Clean Imagery
-  Clean switching technology
-  Adjustable VTx Power Output with Pit Mode
-  Flexible VTx Power for Race & Freeride Flight
-  Stealth Power Up Capable
-  High Voltage Ready with 6S Input Power Capability


• Built-in LC filter for clear video signal easy to control
• Built-in Thermal protection
• Micro-power Pitmode
• Channels: 40 Channel with Unlock mode
• Battery requirements: 2S-6S Li Po
• Power output: 0.1mW (Pitmode) / 25mW / 50mW / 100mW with Unlock mode
• Output 5V - 1A for camera
• Configure VTx by Transmiter via Peripheral on Betaflight
• Antenna connector: U.fl connector

Micron Small - Half the Size, Triple the Features.

At half the size of traditional VTx units, the sheer mico sized layout of the Stealth Nano Race VTx is simply mind blowing. And then, you begin to see what this system packs - nothing short of magic via pure design brilliance.

Built In LC Filter - Keeping It Clean.

Ultra clean imagery is paramount, helping you avoid clipping gates and ending your race in shame & defeat. By incorporating a built in LC filter, your video imagery is kept clean and focused so you can push your FPV to the ragged edge & beyond.

Adjustable VTx with Pit Mode Technology - The Ultimate In Setup Flexibility.

Whether setting up your aircraft, pushing hard laps in the race, or relaxing with some epic freeride flight, the Stealth Race VTx offers it all. Utilizing Pit Mode Technology, you can now setup your gear while others are in flight by transmitting at an ultra low 0.1mW output.

High Voltage Ready - Power to the Max.

With the ability to handle a full 6S 25.2V input power, the Stealth Race VTx can handle all the voltage you can throw at it, offering ultimate voltage.


1 x Stealth Nano Race VTX
2 x Air UFL 5.8GHz Antenna RHCP
1 x Cable

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