FuriousFPV Smart Cable V1.2

$27.95 USD

Furious FPV Smart Cable V1.2 - Power Re-Imagined.

Powering your FPV goggles, ground station and other FPV systems, the Furious FPV Smart Cable unlocks new potential, with massive levels of convenience & capability when it comes to powering your FPV gear.

Harnessing 3S 11.1V - 6S 22.2V LiPo power, the Smart Cable system can be powered via spare light packs, delivering an 8V regulated output power for multiple FPV needs. Ready for duration, this regulated volt-age keeps your electronics safe, while keeping you in the air far longer than anemic 18650 cells.

Utilizing an ultra sharp OLED display, the Smart Cable system monitors vital data, providing time, voltage, current, capacity, call sign and temperature to keep you in the know. Maximizing ease of use, the Smart Cable will automatically power off goggle fans, without the need to remove the balance plug in typical goggle power systems. Simply power off the Smart cable, and you’re set.

Constructed of flexible silicone wires with 125cm of overall length, powering your FPV gear is easier than ever. Connect a LiPo battery stored in your pocket, or use the Smart Cable to connect to your ground station below, the extended wires make the Smart cable ultra easy to use, with massive amounts of run time via high capacity light pack power.

Ideal for FPV pilots who need extended power on the move, the FuriousFPV Smart Cable simplifies your power needs, offering new levels of capability & functionality in a compact, ultra easy layout.

Features & Capabilities

• Wide 3S 11.1V - 6S 22.2V Input Range 

• Ultra Convenient dual “Smart” On/Off Buttons 

• Designed for Rapid Battery Swaps 

• Short Circuit Protection Technology 

• Configurable Low Voltage / Over Voltage Warning Buzzer

• Ultra Clear OLED Display 

• Multi Data Display with Call Sign, Voltage, Time, Warning, Current, Capacity & Temperature 

• Designed to Work with Multiple Goggle Platforms 

• XT60 Input Power Ready 

• Pronged barrel connector for DC output for better connection

• Balance Wire Protection Clip 

• Ultra Long 125cm Wire Length

Smart Cable User Manual: Click here

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