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Wizz #5R Racing Frame


Wizz #5R features lighter M46J carbon fibre & titanium screws for ultimate performance and weight savings

M46J is High Modulus fiber with enhanced tensile and compressive strength as compared to T300 / T700 fibers, totally different grade.
MJ series represent the highest modulus PAN-based carbon fibers available.They are typically used in stiffness applications such as spacecraft, premium sporting goods.

The Wizz #5 is our fifth iteration on the lightweight yet durable FPV racing frame, designed to meet every need for today's pro pilots.

The lightest version of the Wizz #5 weighs in at just 47.24g with 5 millimetre arms and supports only 20x20 mounting options, such as our Wizz F7 HD flight controller.

Pilots will enjoy flying and maintaining this frame due to its super stiff nature and quick arm swap from the 3D carbon bottom plate.

  • #5S - 56.99 grams
  • #5R - 51.99 grams
  • #5C - 47.24 grams


  • 188mm motor to motor
  • 20x20 mounting options (ESC & FC)
  • 5mm (8.5mm wide) carbon fibre arms
  • Two screws arm replacement
  • 20mm wide battery straps (without interfering with the ESC)
  • 3D carbon fibre bottom plate

Package contents:

  • 1x 3D Bottom Plate
  • 1x Middle Plate
  • 1x Top Plate
  • 4x Arms
  • 1x 3D Printed Camera Mount
  • 1x Wizz High-Vis Battery Strap 20mm x 25mm
  • 1x Wizz #5R Hardware Pack
    - 8x Press Nuts
    - 4x Titanium Steel Button Head Screw M3*12 (for securing standoffs & arms)
    - 4x Titanium Flat Head Screw M3*11 (for securing arms)
    - 2x Titanium Flat Head Screw M3*8 (for securing top plate)
    - 2x Titanium Flat Head Screw M3*4 (for securing top plate)
    - 4x Aluminium Standoff M3*25

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