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Wizz #5R Mid-Plate


M46J is High Modulus fiber with enhanced tensile and compressive strength as compared to T300 / T700 fibers, totally different grade.
MJ series represent the highest modulus PAN-based carbon fibers available.They are typically used in stiffness applications such as spacecraft, premium sporting goods.

The middle plate features x8 stainless steel M3 press nuts.  The outer 4 secure the arms.  The inner 4 secures the 20x20 mounting screws from the bottom.  

The forks at the rear end of the midplate are designed be an anchor for the capacitor of the ESC. With a zip-tie or heatshrink, we found that this adds longevity to the capacitor and thus the ESC.

Package Contents:

  • Wizz #5R Mid-Plate - M46J carbon fibre

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