Eachine PRO58 RX Receiver for Fatshark Goggle

$986.42 $1,644.26

Description :

Brand Name : Eachine
Item Name : PRO58 RX
Frequency : 5.8G
Channel : 40CH
Size : 42 x 30 x 25mm (check detail dimension on picture)
Weight : 23g 


Duo way working signal/Diversity;
All frequencies scanning, and result selectable;
Easy and fast way to show wireless information;
Great RX part for FatShark or similar Goggles;
40ch included RaceBand;
Nice sensitiveness -92dBi;
5V working, power from goggles;
partially control by goggles buttons, the ch+ and ch-;
SMA and RP-SMA versions both available;
1built-in beeper to indicate your operations

Frequency :

Build in 5.8G 40CH Raceband receive

Features : 

1. Directly control by the buttons (ch+ and ch-) on FatShark Goggles, but limited with channels selection 1-8, due to FatShark inside S/W.
2. Customized booting LOGO of EACHINE.
3. Searching mode show you all frequencies working and their strength, and you can select them on the result table. We present all frequencies in order of A-B-E-F-R sequent, each channel has a small bar to show its strength, the longer bar stand for stronger signal.
A typical searching result shows: there are 6 signals, and E1(5705M) is most strong. You can press confirm to select it, or you can up or down to select another channel and press confirm to show it,
4, Main working interface offer abundant information, including: working frequency name (like E1, in bigger size letter), exact working frequency (like 5705M), working mode (like AUTO, working on RX A, Auto way), and signal strength (right-up Conner), and if you work on diversity mode, there will be current working RX (A or B) just before the strength sign.
5. Simple and easy interface way to show you most useful information.
6. Easy to use up-down-select 3 ways button
7, Compatible with Fatshark Telepoter V3, Dominator V2 & V3 & SE and Fatshark HD V1, V2 & V3 HDO goggles 
8, Great 5.8G performance

Package Included : 

1 x 5.8G 40CH Diversity RX

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