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Duo50 Freestyle Frame


Be creative, shooting video from any angle, let your imagination run wild.


• Lightweight, only 82.2 gram
• Innovative Wizz Carbon Cam Mount, solid hard, mount the camera vertically
• Dual camera mount at Front & Rear

Kit Includes:

• 4x Arms
• 1x Bottom Plate
• 1x Middle Plate
• 1x Top Plate
• 2x Vertical Plate
• 2x Cam Plate
• 1x Air Unit Plate
• 6x Wizz Carbon Cam Mount
• 2x Wizz High-Vis Battery Strap 20 x 250mm
• 1x Wizz Grippy Battery Pad
• 4x Aluminum Standoff M3*22
• 2x Aluminum Standoff M3*23
• 2x Aluminum Standoff M3*30
• 4x Washer Sleeves

Screw Pack *buy separately:
Steel screws +$1.5
Titanium T10 screws +$5

2x Button Head Screw M3*5
8x Button Head Screw M3*8
2x Button Head Screw M3*10
4x Button Head Screw M3*16
4x Flat Head Screw M3*8

3D Print Parts free download:

Antenna Mount
Arm Protector
Capacitor Mount
GoPro Action Camera Mount
Power Cable Mount

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