Design Concept

     As the 533 tiny trainer looked like such a blast flying around a small area such as a garden or garage, we wanted a frame with no compromises, had similar COG to a 5" racing frame and had independent arms for maintainability.  This would be a great addition to the fleet for having low commitment fun in a small areas and perfecting racing technique.  AIO + 1404 motors + 3s batteries are recommended.  It's suitable for beginners, and for professional racers to improve their skills.  You can increase the cell count up to 6S for more power - do so at your own skill and risk.

But why 3s Battery?

     3S batteries are relatively low powered compared to 6S, but it allows the pilot to focus on optimizing's his/her racing lines.  Additionally a 3S setup will give your fingers a chance to develop sustained muscle memory in the 80-100% range that is very difficult to achieve in a 6S 5" setup, bar the elite racers in the world.

▴Bottom Plate

     In order to achieve lighter-weight and easy assembly, the design concept follows the 3D bottom plate of Wizz#5.  As battery straps are not needed, consideration between the AIO and bottom plate was not necessary.


     Replacing arms requires by removing one screw (as well as the motor screws of course!)  We used 3 prongs (instead of 2) in the intersection of the arms to add rigidity.
The outer arms tips are designed as with the Wizz#5 - 'just' sharp enough to grab onto launch pads during angled launch control on the starting block.

▴Middle Plate

    AIO mounting holes on the market are not uniform across manufacturers.  Therefore, the mounting holes are reserved for AIO of 25.5x25.5mm ~ 26.5x26.5mm and 16x16mm (requires 45-degree installation), and a variety of stacks are also suitable.

▴Top Plate

     Engraved with Wizz logo, the rear holes are reserved for small zip ties for securing 5.8g antennas such as the TBS Triumph Pro. ▴Easy to build

     The frame only consists of 4 parts - bottom plate / middle plate / top plate / arms. No extra components = no extra weight.  This also reduce the cost making the Wizz 3" mini racer affordable to purchase and maintain.


--------------------  Accessories  --------------------

▴Cam Mount

     Runcam Racer Nano 2 & Foxeer Nano Predator 5 camera 3D prints are available with fixed angles of 37.5° / 40° / 42.5° / 45° for different level racers.  Universal adjustable angle camera mounts is also available.

▴Antenna Mount

    The 'Clam' design makes it ultra easy to replace an antenna - you do not need to remove the mount from the standoffs.  As an option, if you do not want to use a ziptie, we have clam mounts designed for the TBS Triumph Pro and TrueRC Singularity.

▴Battery Tray

     Taken inspiration from various frames, most notably the DRL Racer 3, we used 3D printed battery tray.  The tolerance and friction fully secures a 3S Tattu RLine V1.0 500mah .

▴Rubber Band

    If the battery size differs from a 3S Tattu 500mah RLine v1.0, simply use the rubber band to fasten the battery.

▴PLA Battery Mount

    We also created a battery tray mount which allows the use of battery straps.  The middle slot fits a 15mm wide battery strap.  If you prefer 2 straps, they accommodate 8mm wide straps or reusable zipties.


Bottom Plate
Middle Plate
Top Plate
Cam Mount
Antenna Mount
Battery Tray
Battery Mount
* Cam Mount: fix angle with fin, (Universal cam mount 2.7g)
* Antenna Mount: TrueRC Singularity, (TBS Trimph Pro 1.5g)

Test Flight