Born to race:

'Wizz #5' (how original) is the 5th revision of our take on the lightweight yet durable FPV racing frame.
It's named the Wizz 5 because it's the 5th iteration of the frame spanning 2 years of refining and morphing, not because it's made for 5" propellers.
It's been a long time coming, but I am finally happy enough with its aesthetics and performance to release it for everyone to use.

There are 3 versions of Wizz #5:
#5S (Sport)

#5R (Race)
#5C (Competition, custom orders only)

Size and weight:

Since weight is a key determining factor in all disciplines of racing (not just FPV), we shrunk the motor to motor distance to a compact 188 millimetres, whilst accommodating the 5.1" propellers that has popularised the racing scene in the last couple of years (e.g. Gemfan 5146.6)
The lightest version of the Wizz 5 weighs in at just 47.24g and it the frame only supports 20*20mm FC and ESC stacks and nano sized cameras (e.g. Runcam Racer Nano 3).

Frame Assembly:

Built for easy assembly and maintenance, the frame is comprised of 4 layers:
"Bottom Plate"
"Middle Plate"
"Top Plate"

3D Bottom Plate:

The 3D bottom plate, cut from a single thick (7mm) piece of carbon acts to wedge in the arms.
During use:
If the arms snap, it's a simple replacement by removing 2 screws.
If the 3D bottom snaps, its a case of replacing the bottom plate (4 screws)

Countersunk screws under the bottom plate prevents creating holes in your batteries caused by standard screws


5mm thick and 8.5mm wide.  3 screws for mounting motors.  The inner ends fit right and tight into the 3D bottom plate.

The outer arms tips are designed to be 'just' sharp enough to grab onto launch pads during angled launch control on the starting blocks.


The forks at the rear end of the midplate are designed be an anchor for the capacitor of the ESC.  With a zip-tie or heatshrink, we found that this adds longevity to the capacitor and thus the ESC.

Top Plate

The top plate is slim whilst keeping sufficient protection to all electronics.
3D printed mounts and accessories slot into the top plates front slits.  The rear holes are reserved for small zip ties for securing 5.8g antennas coaxial cables.
The 3D bottom plate allows the use of 20 milimetre battery straps that better prevents battery ejection.  All whilst not interfering with the ESC.


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Type #5S
Price US$34.5 US$49 private sale
Carbon Fiber Type T300 M46J  M46J 
Tensile Strength 3530 MPa 4200 MPa  4200 MPa 
Tensile Modulus 230 GPa 436 GPa  436 GPa 

M46J is High Modulus fiber with enhanced tensile and compressive strength as compared to T300 / T700 fibers, totally different grade.

MJ series represent the highest modulus PAN-based carbon fibers available.They are typically used in stiffness and coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE)-critical applications such as spacecraft, premium sporting goods.


Screw Type
Alloy Steel
Black Oxide Finish
Standoff Aluminium M3*25 Aluminium M3*25 Aluminium M3*25


3D Bottom Plate US $9.5
9.60 g
US $12.5
8.82 g

4.05 g *
Middle Plate US $5.5
5.06 g
US $8.5
4.67 g

4.67 g
Top Plate US $4.5
2.95 g
US $7
2.85 g

2.85 g
Arms US $3.2
6.33 g
US $5
6.27 g *

6.27 g *
Screw + Standoff weight 14.06 g 10.58 g 10.58 g
Total Weight ▵ 56.99 g 51.99 g 47.24 g

Weights may vary to a very small degree in different batches.


3D Bottom Plate *1
Middle Plate *1
Top Plate *1
Arm *4
3D printed camera mount *1 (insert weight)
Wizz High-Vis Battery Strap 20mm x 25mm *1
Wizz #5S Hardware Pack
8x Press Nuts
4x Steel Button Head Screw M3*12 (for securing standoffs & arms)
4x Steel Flat Head Screw M3*11 (for securing arms)
2x Steel Flat Head Screw M3*8 (for securing top plate)
2x Steel Flat Head Screw M3*4 (for securing top plate)
4x Aluminium Standoff M3*25