Wizz Naked BMPCC4K

$1,250 USD

production lead time: 2-3 weeks

RTF (ready to fly)
already assembled with a used BMPCC4K, well tune.


• Lightweight, only 310 gram
• Innovative Wizz Carbon Cam Mount, for any angle -90° to 90°
• Lens case add Heat Staking Inserts:
  Front: prevents rotation, ensured the lens in the center position.
  Rear: prevent screws get stripped.
• Cam angle markers for easy gyroflow operation
• Recording indicator light
• Integrated built-in BEC
• Magnetic memory card cover
• No 3D print needed, save time to print and easy to assembly
• Single or Double LiPo mounting configurations
• Compatible with QAV-Pro, Le Puffin, Le Pigeon

Kit Includes:

• Naked black magic pocket cinema camera 4k
• Carbon Fiber Frame

• Nylon lens case with heat staking inserts
• BEC voltage regulator: input 4-8s, output 12V / 3A
PCB to Monitor Connector
Screen Connector
• Power Record Button
• CMOS Sensor Ribbon Cable
• Power Button Ribbon Cable
• Record Ribbon Cable
Video Micro Coaxial Cable
• SLA printed monitor case with 6X Stainless steel press nuts
  (Option: Carbon Fiber case +$40)
• 2x Wizz High-Vis Battery Strap 20 x 250mm
• 1x Wizz Grippy Battery Pad
• 2x M3 stainless steel press nuts
• 2x M3*8 Alumium thumb screws


Standard - Steel screws & nuts
Upgrade - Titanium T10 screws & alumium nuts +$20

•  6x M2*8 Aluminum Alloy Standoffs (Silver)
• 11x M3*20 Aluminum Alloy Standoffs (Diamond - Silver)

• 12x M2*6 Hex Button Head Socket Cap Screws
•  2x M2*8 Hex Button Head Socket Cap Screws
•  6x M2.5*6 Hex Button Head Socket Cap Screws 
• 22x M3*6 Hex Button Head Socket Cap Screws
•  6x M3*10 Hex Button Head Socket Cap Screws 

• 2X M2 Nylon Insert Lock Nuts
• 2X M2.5 Nylon Insert Lock Nuts
• 2X M3 Nylon Insert Lock Nuts


4x Alpha Gel

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