Miniware TS101 Soldering Iron

$56.50 USD

Miniware TS101 is an upgraded version of TS100. Based on TS100, TS101 has been upgraded and optimized in performance and function.

  • Larger 128*32 pixel OLED screen to display more detailed data.
  • Stainless steel ball screw to stabilize the soldering tip and prevent screw loosening.
  • Anti-slip cap, used as a simple stand to support the iron and prevent it from rolling.
  • DC and PD dual power input. 
  • Boost mode: activated with one push of a button to solder larger components.
  • Compatible with TS100 soldering tips


Input voltage DC power grid 9 – 24 V
PD3.0 power source 9 – 20 V
Power consumption DC power grid 9 – 65 W
PD3.0 power source 9 – 45 W
Input power 9 - 24 V DC (up to 65 W) DC5525 wide voltage, PD3.0
Temperature control range 100 – 400°C
Temperature stability ±2°C
Soldering tip resistance to ground <2 Ω
Controller length 98 mm
Soldering tip length 105 mm
Weight (soldering iron with tip) 35 g

Soldering Tips

Soldering Tips

Package Contents

  • 1* Miniware TS101 soldering iron
  • 1* Soldering tip
  • 1* Type-C silicone USB cable
  • 1* User guide

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